European Union - Top 30 cities by population (x1000) - 2010-07-13
A01 London (UK) 7.557 in English
A02 Berlin (DE) 3.403 in English
A03 Madrid (ES) 3.214 no English
A04 Rome (IT) 2.727 no English
A05 Paris (FR) 2.304 in English
A06 Bucharest (RO) 1.944 no English
A07 Hamburg (DE) 1.773 in English
A08 Budapest (HU) 1.712 in English
A09 Warsaw (PL) 1.711 in English
A10 Vienna (AT) 1.693 in English
A11 Barcelona (ES) 1.616 in English
A12 Sofia (BG) 1.402 in English
A13 Munich (DE) 1.357 in English
A14 Milan (IT) 1.295 in English
A15 Prague (CZ) 1.286 in English
- - -
A16 Brussels (LU) 1.048 in English
A17 Birmingham (UK) 1.017 in English
A18 Cologne (DE) 0.995 no English
A19 Naples (IT) 0.964 in English
A20 Turin (IT) 0.909 in English
A21 Marseille (FR) 0.839 in English
A22 Stockholm (SE) 0.829 in English
A23 Valencia (ES) 0.807 no English
A24 Leeds (UK) 0.771 in English
A25 Krakow (PL) 0.757 in English
A26 Amsterdam (NL) 0.753 in English
A27 Lods (PL) 0.750 in English
A28 Athens (EL) 0.745 in English
A29 Riga (LV) 0.713 in English
A30 Sevilla (ES) 0.704 no English
Tot. Total population (millions): 47.623 -
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